Chocolate Pudding Fruit

The Sapote, or chocolate pudding fruit doesn’t relate to any writing projects I have going at the moment. But it is exotic, a little mysterious, and does go along with one of my mantras – Learn something new every day.

When I research an item or topic, I tend to stay away from YouTube and Pinterest. Don’t get me wrong I love them both, especially Pinterest. It’s just I have the hardest time disengaging from the play-pretties, neat ideas, and learning something new. Those websites are addictive, and where I’m not an addictive person, I do have “squirrel”.

Example: A previous mission – to research a road trip from Tucson, Arizona to Chicago, Illinois. What towns and cities would the travel plan go through, and how long will it take? At first I was doing fine, then my body gives a bathroom break alert and I look at the clock. Four hours have passed, and I’m now traversing Dublin, Ireland at street level in Google Maps.

I bring this up, because after promising myself I would only watch one YouTube video about if the Black Sapote fruit really tastes like chocolate, I did a squirrel. Again. For over two hours. By the way – no, it does not taste like chocolate, but looks like and has the consistency of chocolate pudding. There are also many types of Sapote and each with its own taste.

I’m not going to tell you where I ended up.

Here’s to you having a few squirrel events in your life. You will learn something new every day.

. . . is worth the wait.


Tucson Festival of Books

Tucson was my home for ten years a while back. It was great to visit old places and see friends. I also missed a few and will get them the next time I return. That should/could/maybe/wishing will be in two years and as a signing author, not a volunteer.

This year (March 11-12, 2017) I attended the Tucson Festival of Books as a volunteer – loved it. I met some awesome writers, authors, and people. I helped with set up before the Festival and with an area of author signing tables for the weekend event.

One of the coordinator’s, for the book signing event, email name is M. E. (last name withheld). When I met her in person I asked what the M. stood for, so I’d know how to address her. She said to call her, M-ee or Emmy. That’s what she’d been called all her life. I don’t know if anyone else thinks that’s cool, but I do, and asked if I could use her name in a story someday. She said yes – so a notice to anyone reading this, you cannot use it – it’s mine.

♥ . . . is worth the wait.